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Being a popular destination through the ages Newport also has a history with pirates.
Some of the more famous were:

Henry Avery (English 1665 - c.1728) known as Long Ben, Captain Bridgeman or John Every
William Kidd (Scottish c.1645 - 1701) better known as Captain Kidd
Edward Teach (English d.1718) known as Blackbeard or Thatch
Thomas Tew (Rhode Islander d.1695)

Even the White Horse Tavern has a pirate connection, in 1702 William Mayes Jr. was granted his own tavern license after he succeeded his father William Mayes Sr. who had obtained the license in 1687.

In 1723, 26 men were hanged for piracy at Newport.

Rum Runners

During prohibition there was a black market in alcohol. I knew one man who was arrested and brought to court. The judge told him to look at his father and see the shame that he had for what he had done. What the judge did not know at the time was that the man was working for his father.

Newport has been a navy town for years and had many a strip club and bar to accommodate the men. The old Thames Street was lined with bars. Gambling galore... When the navy pulled the majority of its ships out of Newport in the 70's the town was afraid. They had relied and catered on the navy for so many years. Most of the buildings were torn down when they rebuilt the road and created America's Cup Avenue. The town is tame now compared to it's sordid past.


Doris Duke
Claus von Bulow
New York Social by David Patrick Columbia - search for Newport in the archives

Dark Shadows

Not sure about you but my mom banned us from watching this show because we would get horrid nightmares. Of course that didn't stop us from watching at our friend's houses. We always got caught when we did because the nightmares would give us away. Knowing that they filmed parts of it here in town just made it seem more real.

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