newportbytes the underground version of the city by the sea Newport RI


Newport (Calhoun County), AR (US): 33n26, 92w42, Arkansas (US)
Newport (Jackson County), AR (US): 35n36, 91w17, Arkansas (US)
Newport, CA (US): 39n35, 123w46, California (US)
Newport, DE (US): 39n43, 75w37, Delaware (US)
Newport (Monroe County), FL (US): 25n06, 80w26, Florida (US)
Newport (Wakulla County), FL (US): 30n12, 84w11, Florida (US)
Newport, GA (US): 34n43, 84w14, Georgia (US)
Newport (Louisa County), IA (US): 41n05, 91w11, Iowa (US)
Newport (Johnson County), IA (US): 41n44, 91w28, Iowa (US)
Newport (Jones County), IA (US): 42n03, 91w12, Iowa (US)
Newport (Madison County), IL (US): 38n41, 90w11, Illinois (US)
Newport (Lake County), IL (US): 42n28, 87w56, Illinois (US)
Newport, IN (US): 39n53, 87w25, Indiana (US)
Newport, KY (US): 39n05, 84w30, Kentucky (US)
Newport (Charles County), MD (US): 38n25, 76w54, Maryland (US)
Newport, ME (US): 44n50, 69w16, Maine (US)
Newport, MI (US): 42n0, 83w19, Michigan (US)
Newport, MN (US): 44n52, 93w0, Minnesota (US)
Newport, MO (US): 37n32, 94w06, Missouri (US)
Newport, MS (US): 32n56, 89w46, Mississippi (US)
Newport, NC (US): 34n47, 76w52, North Carolina (US)
Newport, NE (US): 42n36, 99w20, Nebraska (US)
Newport, NH (US): 43n22, 72w10, New Hampshire (US)
Newport (Cumberland County), NJ (US): 39n18, 75w11, New Jersey (US)
Newport (Hunterdon County), NJ (US): 40n44, 74w55, New Jersey (US)
Newport (Orange County), NY (US): 41n17, 74w28, New York (US)
Newport (Onondaga County), NY (US): 43n05, 76w20, New York (US)
Newport (Herkimer County), NY (US): 43n11, 75w01, New York (US)
Newport (Monroe County), NY (US): 43n13, 77w32, New York (US)
Newport (Washington County), OH (US): 39n23, 81w14, Ohio (US)
Newport (Madison County), OH (US): 39n50, 83w28, Ohio (US)
Newport (Shelby County), OH (US): 40n21, 84w22, Ohio (US)
Newport (Tuscarawas County), OH (US): 40n22, 81w21, Ohio (US)
Newport, OK (US): 34n15, 97w16, Oklahoma (US)
Newport, OR (US): 44n38, 124w03, Oregon (US)
Newport (Perry County), PA (US): 40n29, 77w08, Pennsylvania (US)
Newport (Lawrence County), PA (US): 40n54, 80w21, Pennsylvania (US)
Newport, RI (US): 41n29, 71w19, Rhode Island (US)
Newport, SC (US): 34n59, 81w06, South Carolina (US)
Newport, SD (US): 45n38, 97w55, South Dakota (US)
Newport, TN (US): 35n58, 83w11, Tennessee (US)
Newport (Harris County), TX (US): 29n54, 95w04, Texas (US)
Newport (Clay County), TX (US): 33n28, 98w01, Texas (US)
Newport (Isle of Wight County), VA (US): 36n56, 76w36, Virginia (US)
Newport (Giles County), VA (US): 37n18, 80w30, Virginia (US)
Newport (Augusta County), VA (US): 38n0, 79w18, Virginia (US)
Newport (Page County), VA (US): 38n35, 78w36, Virginia (US)
Newport, VT (US): 44n56, 72w12, Vermont (US)
Newport (King County), WA (US): 47n34, 122w11, Washington (US)
Newport (Pend Oreille County), WA (US): 48n11, 117w03, Washington (US)
Newport, WI (US): 43n37, 89w42, Wisconsin (US)
Newport, WV (US): 39n16, 81w34, West Virginia (US)

Newport Beach, CA (US), 33n37, 117w56
Newport Center, PA (US), 41n11, 76w02
Newport Center, VT (US) = Vermont, 44n57, 72w18
Newport Heights, CA (US), 33n37, 117w55
Newport Heights, DE (US), 39n43, 75w36
Newport Heights, OR (US), 44n39, 124w01
Newport Hills, MD (US) = Maryland, 39n02, 77w04
Newport Hills, WA (US), 47n32, 122w11
Newport Landing, NJ (US), 39n17, 75w12
Newport News, VA (US), Virginia, 36n59, 76w26
Newport Shores, WA (US), 47n34, 122w11
Newportville, PA (US), 40n07, 74w54
Newportville Terrace, PA (US), 40n07, 74w54


Newport, AUSTL = Australia, 33s40, 151e19
Newport, AUSTL = Australia, 37s51, 144e53
Newport, ENG (UK) = England, 50n42, 1w18
Newport, ENG (UK) = England, 52n47, 2w22
Newport, IRE = Ireland, 52n42, 8w24
Newport, IRE = Ireland, 53n53, 9w34
Newport, QU (CAN) = Quebec (CAN), 48n16, 64w45
Newport, WALES (UK) = Wales, 51n35, 3w0
Newport, WALES (UK) = Wales, 52n01, 4w51
Newport-On-Tay, SCOT (UK), 56n26, 2w55
Newport Pagnell, ENG (UK), 52n05, 0w44

Contemporary, historical information and photos by local jewelry designer artist S.E. Sarantos of the city by the sea Newport, RI, Rhode Island 02840 - newportbytes is a mix of art, music, bars, nightclubs, galleries, restaurants, parties, events

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