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The 16th Graders - Mike Tupe, Kate Ricci, Matt Tupe, Dean Capparelle, Kiva Tupe


50 Foot Wave
50 Foot Wave

Abbey Rhode
Fred Abong
Lori Amey
The Astro Zombies
Nick Barbato
Misi Bennett
BEYOND BLONDE - (Lisa Firda, Joyce Sampson, Donna Compos, Bill “Suekey” Sukeforth)
The Big Cat Blues Band
Big World

Blockhead - John Erikson, Mike Alves, Rich Jesuino, Heath Tougas

Bored Youth
Diane Blue
Booze Brothers
Carey Bowman
Brunt of It
Artie Cabral
Allysen Callery
Les Carpenter
Damian Cartier
Mike Cellemme
The Groove Foundation - (Steve Cerilli, Jay White)
Steve Cerilli
Chaos Twin
Mac Chrupcala
Pat Cottrell

The Cowsills
The Cowsills

James Diotte
Dirty Deeds Tribute

Tanya Donelly
Tanya Donelly

Donkey Punch
Eight Year Recoil
John Erikson
Doug Ernest
Ellyn Fleming
Joe Fontaine
Frankie the Drill

The Devil's Music
Paul Geremiah

GhosTown inC.
Jody Gibson
Scott Gibson
Glenn's Army
James Grande
Grandizer Punch
Lois Greco Band
Milo Greene
Terry Grosvenor
Alan Hague
Hot Like Fire
In It for a Minute
Milt Javery
JP Jones
Jungle Dogs
Bob Kendall Band
Killian the Band
King Pin

Lakuna - (David Narcizo, Misi Bennett, Tom Gorman, Bernard Georges, Kristin Hersh)

Kim Lamothe
Lethal Injection
Bill Lewis
David Manuel
Jim McGrath
The Menthol Kings
Mike Walsh and What the Cat Dragged In
Missing Element
John Moitoza
The Moneyshots

Bring it on Home
James Montgomery

The Motormags
David Narcizo
No Means Yes
No Regard
The Peasants
Cindy Peloquin
Quarter Ton and Change
Rory Ranucci
The Ravers - (Carey Bowman, Adam Aleicho, Scott Brown, Doug Ernest, Ray Gennari, Michele Smith, Steve Cerilli)
Red Shift
The Reprobates - Jim McGrath, Fud Benson, Jim Bennet, Walter McDonough
Frank Romanelli
Dylan Roy
Matt Ruggeri
Mickey Saccoccio
Ron Sanfilippo
Santa Mamba
Saucy Silvia
Simian's Escape
Barb Schloff
Sea Monkey Stew
The Sleazies
Slik Willy
Sound Waves Karaoke
The Squizzles
Stereovega - Rich Testa
B. Willie Smith Band
Steve Smith and the Nakeds
Suicide Liquors
Kevin Sullivan

Throwing Muses
Throwing Muses - Kristin Hersh

Twenty Seconds (22nds)
The Upper Crust
Lori Urso
Lois Vaughan
Michael Walsh
Mike Ward
Jay White
Leroy White
Erik Wohlgemuth
Greg Wood
Jack Woods

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Sunset Music Festival
The Newport Music Festival
JVC Jazz Festival
Newport Folk Festival


Guitrider Records - management, booking, recording, publishing and promoting
The Mode - Musicians Online Database Exchange
New England Blues Society
The Newport Musicians Association
Pathos Productions
Rhode Island Songwriters Association - RISA
Dream Edit Studios - studio recording Frank Gardner 401.848.7744

Ellington at Newport Muddy Waters at Newport Ray Charles at Newport Dizzy Gillespie at Newport John Lee Hooker Live at Newport

"If you have to ask, you'll never know." - Louis Armstrong

remember these?

Aztec Two-Step
BackWash - Pete Burr, Jon Jones, George Sullivan, Jack McKenna
Belly - Tanya Donelly
Big World - (past) Sid Abbruzzi, Chris Abbruzzi, James Costakos, Shawn Devlin, Charlie Quinn, Nick Stingley(Mike Nagle)

Billy Weston
Bobby Greene and Coleus
Bob Lawton's Boots
Bored Youth
The Candy Coated People - Jason the barber's band which featured Blackbird Mckight of P-Funk!

C.O.S. - John: vocals, Matt: guitar, Kevin: guitar, Ron: bass, Jay: drums
Crystal Pistol - George Lewis, John Cowsill
Dead Beat - John Dwyer, Travis Ward, Tom Lama
Dream Backwards
The Effect - Robb Byron: drums, Adam Sullins: bass, Kevin Monroe: guitar, Tom Jenkins: guitar, vocals, Tony Harris: guitar, vocals, Simeon Fitch: keys

Etruscan love letters - Kevin Zahm: guitar, vocals, John Davis: bass, Steve Diogo: drums, Jason Ruck: keyboards

Fiona Eustathiades
59 Teeth
Go Fish - Robb Byron: drums, Ethan Holda: bass, Revka Woythaler: vocals, Kio Fahm: guitar

Grease the Cat - George Lewis, John Cowsill
Hamish and Dave
The Hangers
The Indestructibles
Island - George Lewis, Chris Quinn
John St. John
Kahn & White
K9 Jelly
Virginia Lee
Lifeboat - the Kendall brothers, Gary Smith, Sean Devlin
The Linkletters
The Loud Ones
The Lords
Matt Quinn
Michael Walsh and the Chopped Off Chocolate Heads
Mother Jefferson
MSFRG - Pam Gori: vocals, J. Monroe: guitar, Scott Toolin: bass, Robb Byron: drums
Mystery Goat
Nick Stingly and the Killer-Bees (Mike Nagle's band)
One Ton Shotgun
Pentane - Rich Testa, Chris Botelho, Matt Ruggeri, Shawn
The Philters
Positive Outlook
Precedent - Kevin Monroe: guitar, vocals, Jason Monroe: guitar, Adam Sullins: bass, Robb Byron: drums

Press Release  (The Press) - Steve Fontaine's band
Primitive Ritual
Proving Ground
Radiator Face -Chad Donelly: vocals, Jason Monroe: guitar, Steve Doyle: bass, Carl Guilles: drums
Reelin in Terror
Scampground - Tammy Ross: lead vocals, Rich Testa: guitar, vocals, Matty James: guitar, Juxo: accordion

Skinless Gorillas
Step Forward
Strange Flesh
Subgumby Soup
Subslave - Dave Wall: guitar,vocals, Galen Silvia: guitar, Adam Sullins :bass, Paul Dechristiforo: drums

Sweet Pie
Total Lobotomy - Kelly Bray: vocals, Kevin Monroe: guitar, Adam Sullins: bass, Robb Byron: drums

Two Guys and Another Guy
Uber Alles
Uncle Dewey
Urban Guerillas - Sean Smith, Brent Kuykendall, Nicky Costakos
Verbal Assault - Pete Chramiec, Chris Jones, Chris Gorman, Tom Gorman, Doug Ernest, Darren Mock, Dylan Roy

Vicious Circle
The Vipers - Leroy White
Wicked Bitch - Tim "Dim" Miner: singer, Tony Silva: Lead guitar, Nathan Bradley: Rhythm and lead guitar, Frank Aguiar: drums, Brendan Skwire: Bass

The Young Adults - Rudy Cheeks, Sport Fisher, Jeff Shore, Thomas Enright, John Rufo, Tom Dequattro, Ed Vallee

Zion Wave

Special thanks to Stevie D, Brendan and Robb Byron for filling in the gaps...

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